Models: Katie, Nicole

When Katie received a call from her friend Nicole we couldn't believe she actually wanted to come over the next day to join the fun. Stunning blonde Nicole had been holding her pee for hours and immediately emptied her bladder on our brown leather couch! After having peed into the bed, both girls spray each other with their juices and engage in wild hot lesbian sex. The next scene has Nicole pee her grey pants on a black sofa. Turned on by the resulting damp patch, she plays with herself until she reaches a steaming orgasm. Meanwhile Katie showers her knickers and socks and promptly sits in her puddle of pee. We get to see some great shots of her underwear soaking almost everything up to the last drop. Originally we wanted to end the video with yet another bed being baptized, but naughty Katie had something different in mind - a wet surprise for the cameraman!