PRETTYLISA - WHO AM I? You may have seen her postings in various news-groups in the past. If you did, you know that Prettylisa is one of the most unique amateur women on the web. She's for real, and what you see on these pages is the other face of a unique woman with a taste for unusal sexual practices.
We were intrigued by her writing and way of presenting herself in her posts. Her destinctive liking for contrasts -
the beautiful and the very extreme. Gorgeous robes smeared with shit, glam-orous wigs drenched with pee - and like a chameleon she changes from one photoshot to the next. So... we got in contact with her and the idea for this site was born.The material on this site is a combination of her amateur video and picture material she entitled us to distribute for her in form of videos, down-loadable photosets and clips. In the video section you will also find brand new video material in digital quality we've shot with Lisa and her friends in December 2000.
Have fun exploring the wild world of Prettylisa. She hopes you enjoy the ride as much as we did
LISA IN HER OWN WORDS- How did I get myself into this?

Well, there are more girls who think about this than you can imagine. Many of us are not lucky enough to find a partner who recognizes the pervert hiding inside. I was one of the few! My partner started me out slowly a little over two years ago (though he actually started on our first meeting, there is something to be said about a man who is not afraid to put his finger in your ass on the first date!!! Hehe, oh and lick it!)

- Do I do this all the time?

Well, like everyone else out there, I too have responsibilities and other concerns to attend to so unfortunately I do not get to play like this all the time.
Of course the human body can only process food so fast so there must time allowed for those process to occur too!

- Other than a scat girl what else am I?

That is a loaded question!!! But I am a professional, well-educated woman. I am self-assured and confident in my sexuality, my relationships and myself. It is that self confidence and my partner's complete joy and acceptance of who and what I am that gives me the power to enjoy what I do.We must all remember that we are all on this turn of the wheel for a short time! It is a shame and a waste of good energy to worry and fret over other people's opinions. Yes, I acknowledge that they can hold some power over us. But only what we allow them to possess. As my partner says I am a Goddess, I represent Her in all her aspects, youth`n maiden `n crone. My play is form of reconnection to my earthy basic nature. BESIDES IT ALL WASHES OFF!!!! It is not what is on the outside that counts but what is on the inside. And the best sex to be had is the sex in the mind!!!!!

- How do I not get sick or disgusted?

Well, you get to a point of lust/horniness that it loses a lot of its odor / taste or at least it becomes a major part of the turn on. I love to just wipe the visible signs of my play away and then spray down some lovely cologne and dress and go out and about. IĆ­ll catch my scent as I turn or when I put my hand close to my nose. I love the way my beloved seems to not be able to keep his hands off of me and the way he "sniffs" me when we have been playing. Others only see a very affectionate couple. We are that and more.

Check out Prettylisa's videos in the SCAT section and her photosets here.