PRETTYLISA'S SCAT PHOTOSETS Now that you know more about me and my sexual likings, you may want to see a true scat slut in action. For years, my partner and I have been taking pictures and videos of our toilet games. Solo, together, or with other likeminded couples, solo men and girls.
I've made a special selection for you of what I think are the raunchiest pics we got. And believe me, making them was a lot of fun. My downloadable photosets are NO videograbs taken from the videos. They are original pictures my partner took with his digital camera during our sessions.
Don't expect professional, glossy images; it's all unique amateur, just like our videos. Raw, rough and dedicated to capture my lust and kinkyness.

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orderSET 16 - BROWN TUB

Other people take a bath to get clean, Prettylisa's tub has a different purpose. A hot, brown, stinky bath. The videoclip has Lisa showing of her fancy, red shoes before a dedicated admirer dumbs his load onto a very aroused Lisa.

- 138 Images, movie clip: 14:50 min.
- US$ 9.99
orderSET 15 - PINK SCAT Lisa enjoys a threesome as two guys give her what she desires so much. The videoclip has Lisa on a hot summer day playing scatgames in the pool after a steamy fuck with a bottle.

- 143 Images, movie clip: 18:19 min.
- US$ 9.99
orderSET 14 - DIRTY LUNCH Straight from the source, Lisa favourite dish is served fresh and hot. Disgustingly nice as she eats is all up from a plate. The videoclip has Lisa in her favourite position. With her head over the toilet bowl she receives her goods.

- 100 Images, movie clip: 10:46 min.
- US$ 9.99
orderSET 13 - BROWN TOOTHBRUSH Lisa brushes her teeth with pee, shit and cum. The video clip has her taking a brown shower in the bathtub.

- 68 Images, movie clip: 18:29 min.
- US$ 9.99
orderSET 12 - GARAGE GIRL Lisa overhears the dirty talk of some workmen in front of her house. She soon gets turned on an fucks herself using various tools. Then she takes a big chunk of brown and enjoys a hot steamy fuck. Very raunchy talking by Lisa in this one.

- 80 Images, movie clip: 20:21 min.
- US$ 9.99
orderSET 11 - CRAPEATER Lisa on vacation enjoy a super dirty scat session in the hotel bathroom. The clip has Lisa's very first successful attempt at swallowing shit.

- 97 Images, movie clip: 15:30 min.
- US$ 9.99
orderSET 10 - TOILET FUN Lisa gives head and receives a lovely mouthpee. The next scene has two guys unload their turd onto Lisa's lovely body and she eagerly chews away on her favourite snack. Videoclip does not correspond with the photoset.

- 74 Images, movie clip: 10:49
- US$ 9.99
orderSET 9 - THIS IS PRETTYLISA Pics and a very hard clip from one of Lisa's wildest sessions. Scat and pee play the way only Lisa can deliver in her charming combination of perfect lady and unmatched toilet slut.

- 84 Images, movie clip: 9:41 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 8 - SO PRETTY SO NAUGHTY Asslicking galore as Lisa rimms her pertner into seventh heaven. Of course, she is "diging" for something and eventually she finds the "brown gold". Videoclip does not correspond with the photoset.

- 70 Images, movie clip: 10:33 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 7 - SCAT SCHOOLGIRL She looks like an innocent angel but this pigtail beauty pulls her no hold barred dirty brown tricks. Very naughty "chocolate shake" finale.

- 56 Images, movie clip: 11:27 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 6 - SCAT WHORE Whore Lisa is tricked into down and dirty toilet action by her client.

- 57 Images, movie clip: 10:37 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 5 - GARDEN OF EDEN Outdoor pee fun as Lisa pisses into a glass and enjoys the refreshment. More pee play as she receives the golden liquid straight from her partner's dick.

- 46 Images, movie clip: 10:50 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 4 - FROM BEAUTY TO BEAST Lisa eats shit and fucks herself with a scat smeared dildo.
Bon Apetit!

- 63 Images, movie clip: 10:34 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 3 - DIRTY FRENCH MAID LISETTE Naughty roleplay to the max as "Maid Lisette" is blindfolded and pushed by her master into very messy scat and pee play.

- 51 Images, movie clip: 12:21 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 2 - LISA'S BROWN FOOT FANTASY Lisa receives scat straight from the source and uses it to give her body and feet a special type of tan. Very kinky and messy!

- 50 Images, movie clip: 12:33 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99
orderSET 1 - BLONDE ANGEL After a hot anal fuck Lisa squirts a load of brown cum, shits in a glass and enjoys her cocktail in various ways. Steamy mouth pissing scenes round up this photoset and videoclip.

- 64 Images, movie clip: 11:13 min.
- Price: US$ 9.99

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