OTHER KINK - DIRTY FILMS FROM OTHER GENRESThis section contains titles that don't exactly fit our regular pee or scat categories - from female domination to amateur footage from our regular models. All exclusive, all dirty & wet and only available from us.If you own amateur footage that you would like to see offered here,
please contact us for evaluation.

  SUNNY'S PRIVATE TAPESMature scat-lover Sunny allows us a peak into her private life SUNNY'S PRIVATE TAPES 4Models: Sunny, 1 male SUNNY'S PRIVATE TAPES 3 - THE BISEX FILESModels: Sunny, 2 bi sissies SUNNY'S PRIVATE TAPES 2Models: Sunny, 1 male SUNNY'S PRIVATE TAPES 1Models: Sunny, 1 male   NATALIA KAPRETTI Raw, hot, genuine scat action featuring lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively shot for Hightide with English subtitles included! MY DINNER DATE WITH MAYAModels: Natalia, Maya ROUGHED AND STUFFEDModels: Natalia, Kat THE BIRTHDAY DINNERModels: Natalia, Maya, Sasha, 1 male SLUT MAYA COMES FOR BREAKFASTModels: Natalia, Maya, 1 male SLAVE KAT'S HUMAN TOILET EXAMModels: Natalia, Kat, 1 male DOUBLE FUN FOR TOILET MAYAModels: Natalia, Maya, 1 male SLUT KAT GOES ALL THE WAYModels: Natalia, Kat A SWEET AND BITTER TREATModels: Natalia, Maya, Sasha SLUT SASHA FUCKED AND FEDModels: Natalia, Sasha FISTED BY MY TOILETGIRLSModels: Natalia, Maya, Sasha OUR HOUSEHOLD TOILET MAYAModels: Natalia, Maya, 1 male A TALE OF TWO TOILETSModels: Natalia, Sasha, Maya TEACHING KAT TO EAT MY SCATModels: Natalia, Kat, 1 male SLUT MAYA EATS IT ALL!Models: Natalia, Maya THE TRAINING OF KATModels: Natalia, Kat MY BEAUTIFUL SHIT-EATING MAYAModels: Natalia, Maya HAPPY SEX WITH AND WITHOUT SHITModels: Natalia, Sasha, 1 male   PRAYING MANTIS In the world of Praying Mantis Video, women rule! Bossy babes put men in their place, wether they like it or not. Their methods are rough, their treatment is tough, but always effective. In the end even the toughest guys perform toilet services for the ladies. REAL FEMALE DOMINATION WITH A TWIST... BUTTSLAVE'S HEAVENModels: Miss Irena DINNER WITH THE COUNTESSModels: Contessa Barbara Calucci, Marlen STREETWALKER JUSTICEModels: Rosella, Kelly, Marlen MISTRESS COCO MEETS MISTER POOModels: Mistress Coco, Marlen CHAMPAGNE ON THE ROOFModels: Lady Sarah, Lady Mia THE BOYFRIEND MATERIAL TESTModels: Lady Sarah, Marlen LIVESTOCKModels: Lady Mia, Lady Angelina THE BLACK ROOMModels: Lady Sarah, Lady Mia, Mariella ONE SHOT, TWO BALLSModels: Mistress Lisa, Domme Kinkybabe
SARAH STUFFS HER PIG Models: Sarah, 1 Male
DIRTY MEDICINEModels: Mistress Lisa, Mistress Candy
SLAVE SITTERSModels: Lady Katherina, Lady Grace
SOFT & HARDModels: Lady Missy, Mistress Angie
MESSED UP BY MISSYModels: Missy, Mistress Angie
THE JOB INTERVIEWModels: Mistress Lisa
TRICKED & TRAPPEDModels: Lady Katherina, Lady Grace, Princess Michelle
TRIPLE TREATModels: Lady Angie, Missy, Princess Michelle
BOOT SQUADModels: Princess Michelle, Lady Katherina, Marie, Angie
Models: Princess Michelle, Phyllis Joy, Lara
DOUBLE TROUBLE Models: Lisa, Lady Lou ALL YOU CAN EAT Models: Princess Michelle, Lisa BURGLING FOR BROWNIES Models: Lara, Elaine PRINCE CHARMING REVISITED Models: Phyllis Joy, Lisa, Lara PRINCE CHARMING DETHRONED Models: Phyllis Joy, Lisa SLAVE NO. 3 Models: Brit, Coletta Fabiani, Elsa HUMILIATED HOUSEBOY Models: Mitzi, Cassandra PAYBACK FOR JOHN Models: Mitzi, Nadja TENANTS FROM HELL Models: Debbie, Claire BUSTED BUILDER Models: Cassandra, Linda MITZI'S MENUS Models: Mitzi, Nadine   THE TOILET SISSY SAGAScat-loving bossy ladies and sissified men share their dirty adventures. TOILET SISSY'S DINNER DATEModels: Lady Tora, 1 sissy TOILET SISSY'S BLOWJOB LESSONSModels: Naomi, Pia, 2 sissies TOILET SISSY'S AFTERPARTYModels: Naomi, Pia, 1 sissy TOILET SISSY'S BISEX TRAININGModels: Sunny, Mistress, 2 sissies TOILET SISSY'S PARTY DUTIESModels: Kelly, Naomi, Pia, 2 sissies TOILET SISSY'S DOUBLE FUNModels: Kelly, Pia, 2 sissies TOILET SISSY'S SECRETSModels: Kelly, Mistress, 1 sissy   GINAExtreme scat adventures of our beloved Italian model Gina
GINA'S PRIVATE GAMES 2Models: Gina, Nadia, 1 male GINA'S PRIVATE GAMESModels: Gina, Nadia, 1 male GINA'S SHIT DELIGHTSModels: Gina, 1 Male
  WILDPASSIONExclusive material from naughty WildPassion and her friends
POOPING ALL OVERModels: WildPassion, FlamingWoman, EroticEnigma PICNIC ON THE ROCKSModels: WildPassion, FlamingWoman MORE SCAT ON THE ROCKSModels: WildPassion, FlamingWoman, EroticEnigma SCAT ON THE ROCKSModels: WildPassion, FlamingWoman, Tanya, Viktoria