Models: Amy, Penny, Nicole

The day after we shot "Hot Piss Girls", our two British guests Amy and Penny are on the road to meet up with lovely german brunette Nicole. Having had too much coffee for breakfast, naughty girl Amy is really desperate and pees on the car seat! In Nicole's apartment Penny pees from the top of the stairs, turning the floor into a yellow river! Nicole decides that her floor needs some more cleaning, so she too climbs up the stairs and both girls go at the same time. Then all three girls team up for some nasty panty peeing right in Nicole's bed, rubbing each others soaked panties and cat fighting with the dripping bed sheet which ends up being thrown onto our cameraman. With not too many dry spots in the apartment left, we went back to our studio for the grande finale. Amy and Nicole decide to wet each other and while Amy just uses Nicole's back as toiletbowl, Nicole pees right into her transparent rubber diapers. The floor and the girls' hair is soaking wet...