As an alternative to buying a DVD, you can now also order and download
COMPLETE, FULL-LENGTH Hightide movies straight to your hard drive.
Once your credit card has been approved (validation can take from 10 minutes to 8 hours) you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions how to start your download - don't worry, it's just a simple "click" away.

Movie files will download in .zip format. Once unzipped, just doubleclick the unpacked .mp4 file and enjoy.

We highly recommend that you only order the full-length video downloads if you are on a fast internet connection. We will not issue a refund if you're unable to download the files due to bad connectivity.

FAQ • What are the specs of the download products?

File Extension: mp4
Video Format: H.264
Audio Format: AAC stereo
Picture Format: 1280x720 pixels (HD) / 720x576 pixels (SD)
Framerate: 25 fps (29.97 fps for some Other Kink titles)
File Sizes: 500 MB - 1.7 GB

• Will the movies play on my system?

Download this sample file to find out.

• Can I use Windows Media Player for playback?


• What software players do I need to watch the movies?

You need to have one of the following players installed on your system:

Videolan Player

• Can I watch the movies also in full-screen mode?

Yes, if you are using Quicktime, you will need the pro-version. With all other players full-screen playback is free.

• How can I re-encode the movie files so I can burn them onto a DVD?

There are many free and commercial programs available that will allow you easy, one-step conversion of different movie formats. Please understand that we cannot give customers a step-by-step tutorial. Most CD/DVD burning programms will give you such functionality.

• I get audio but no image when playing back the movie?

Make sure you upgrade to the most recent version of Quicktime or use Videolan Client.