On this page you can find a selection of exclusive photosets (sometimes even with videoclips) you won't find anywhere else. Some of the girls can only be seen in these clips and not in any of our videos. And you can get them instantly for imediate download to your hard drive. We tried our best to have a wide variety of subjects available for you - ”from delicate desperation to hardcore golden showers as well as some special collector's goodies like early photo shoots with some of our favourite girls. And we're just starting, we'll be adding new sets frequently so if there is something you'd like to see, let us know.

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Lovely Tima wees her knickers and the bed, soacks herself in the salty juice and licks it off her hands. Then she attempts to piss inside her mouth, trying to not waste a single drop. What a wet pleasure and joy to see the gorgeous redhead in action.

- 158 Images
- US$ 8.99
orderSET 15 - TIMA'S MOUTH WEE click to enlargeFamed porn girl Tima received a hot, golden stream straight into her mouth. Gagged with a fetish toy, she swallows the whole lot over and over again. Yummy!

- 140 Images
- US$ 8.99
orderSET 14 - PISSBITCHES click to enlargeBenita & Christine are two true pissbitches. They tease each other's bladder, collect every drop till they are about to explode and then release it all with much delight onto each other. Stunning mouth pissing shots here.

- 198 Images
- US$ 8.99
orderSET 13 - WET SUSANNA click to enlargeSusanna is a Spanish hot blood hat urgently needs some cooling down. However, all that piss on her body, face and pussy had the contrary effect and she only got hotter and hotter asking for more..

- 198 IMAGES
- US$ 8.99
orderSET 12 - WET WASH click to enlargeMary from Liquid Lust is back. When she finds some pissy knickers in her laundry, Mary gets turned on and eagerly adds more dirty, wett piss knickers to the wash. The movie clip has Tanja piss her jeans and soak herself in the bathroom.

- 128 Images, movie clip: 7:28 min.
- US$ 8.99
orderSET 11 - SOAKING MARY click to enlargeMary wanted to play a real pee slut. Her boyfriend makes her piss her jeans. What relief, but for his juices it would be such a shame to waste a single drop. Set also has some great self-pissing shots.

- 171 Images
- US$ 8.99
orderSET 10 - PEE SUB click to enlargeMary plays a submissive pee girl in this set. Her anus filled with dildos and speculums, she gleefully awaits her master's refreshing, salty shower which she eagerly gulps down in one. Great self-pissing shots, too.

- 166 Images
- US$ 8.99
orderSET 9 - GOLDEN DRINK click to enlargeThe second photoset we did at a recent adult fair with some lovely adult movie stars we came across during the show. Some very hot lesbian mouth pissing and boy/girl watersports as well. The clip has Nicole from Hightide Vol. 4 and Poolpart piss her pants with great pleasure and joy.

- 154 Images, movie clip 4:20 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 8 - CINDY'S FACEWASH click to enlargeLovely Cindy and Inga are truly dirty girls, but this is not the reason why they are longing to get a facewash of a special type. The clip has Clair soak her panties on a sofa.

- 119 Images, movie clip: 6:31 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 7 - LISA'S GOLDEN SHOWER click to enlargeLisa from Peenuts 1 & 2 returns in this photoset to receive some delicious golden showers. The videoclip has Taylor and Claire engage in hot lesbian piss play.

- 110 Images, movie clip: 4:21
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 6 - SOPHIE'S HOTEL SPLASH We and Wet Set met Sophie at an adult fair and got her interested in what we do. The outcome: a very wet hotel room floor and furniture. The videoclip has Tammy let go of her fresh morning urine on the balkony, right into her pijama.

- 99 Images, movie clip: 4:13 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 5 - INGA'S KITCHEN ACCIDENT click to enlargeInga's great in this kitchen desperation/pantie pissing intermezzo. The videoclip has Taylor being pissed on, cummed on and pissed on again. Just listen to her moaning as she enjoys the refreshing stream.

- 64 Images, movie clip: 5:54 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 4 - JESSY'S MOUTHPISS click to enlargeTitle says it all. Full stream ahead for Jessy who doesn't want to waste a single drop. The videoclip has Amy taking great pleasure out of pissing on a happy bloke.

- 90 Images, movie clip: 5:58 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 3 - OUTDOOR PISS PARTY click to enlargeInga and Cindy enjoy a sunny day with an outdoor pissing session. Jessy pisses into a bowl and quenches her thrist with her urine. The videoclip has Tammy in a nice outdoor pissing scene (watch out for the passers-by in the background).

- 90 Images, movie clip: 4:49 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 2 - DESPERATE INGA click to enlargeLovely Inga is truly desperate and has nowhere to go. Just let it flow; nobody's watching... she thought. Marianne squirts her liquid gold into a bathtub. The videoclip has Tammy flood her knickers and the carpet.

- 59 Images, movie clip: 5:21 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99
orderSET 1 - AMY'S CAMEREA DEBUT click to enlargeA rarity. Amy's pissing debut in front of a camera during an early screen test just before she joined the Hightide hall of fame and did the first video for us. Pictures feature stunning jeans wetting and toilet pissing, the movie clip has Amy pissing and masturbating in the bed and on the loo. Nobody does it better!

- 70 Images, movie clip: 5:34 min.
- Price: US$ 8.99

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