Models: Natalia Kapretti, Sasha, Maya, 1 male
Running Time: 50 minutes

Raw, hot, genuine toilet sex action featuring Russian lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively produced for Hightide with English subtitles included!

Natalia says: " My husband has been my devoted slave for many years and he gladly accepts that it's me wearing the trousers in our house. Once in a year I reward him for his loyalty.

Sasha and Maya got all dressed up for the occasion. Then we put him in drag to make sure he doesn't feel left out ;)

The girls prepared a nice birthday dinner - sausages, peas, chocolate, bananas - and stuffed it up my ass to keep it warm.

I added a big log of shit to keep their hungry mouths fed and even allowed my hubby to fuck them like a real man! That should be enough to keep him happy for another year ;) "

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