Models: Natalia Kapretti, Maya, 1 male
Running Time: 31 minutes

Raw, hot, genuine toilet sex action featuring Russian lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively produced for Hightide with English subtitles included!

Natalia says: "Slut Maya hadn't been on 24/7 duty for acouple of weeks.

Some human toilets need refreshment training after a period of inactivity. Slut Maya is different though...

As soon as she crossed my doorstep she happily took her position on the floor. Her greedy mouth wide open, she couldnt wait to fulfill her destiny: Serve everyone in the house as full human toilet...

My slave husband served the first load. While gulping it down, Maya reached her first orgasm. Then she begged to be fed by me, and climaxed again while my shit slid down her throat.

Less than an hour and numerous orgams later the bitch was filled to the brink with shit, piss and cum, eager and willing to serve as our household toilet for a full week to come! "

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