Models: Amy, Sharon, Jamie Woods

Amy is back and you bet she has something special for you to make up for the long waiting period. With her gorgeous friend Jamie she welcomes traveling saleswoman Sharon to take a peek at the latest collection of lingery and steamy sex toys. Of course, the afternoon soon turns into a different type of showcase as the girls treat Sharon to a glass of "home made " champagne. We especially love the episode with Amy wearing a foxy Union Jack bikini/stocking combination. Who said the British are dry? Volume 6 is one of Amy's wildest adventures, a 90 minute non-stop urine excess giving her every possible opportunity to let her bladder loose. Mouth pissing, piss swallowing, soaked panty sucking, strap ons and again... piss, piss, piss. Her fans had to wait a while for her to return... but it's been worth the wait, nobody will stay dry!