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Models: Mary, Denise, Layla Jade

Mary, Layla-Jade and Denise are back for more. But this time they’re not alone. Mary’s and Denise’ boyfriends join the action and proof their bisexual girlfriends need more than what the girls’ bladders alone can provide. Mary relaxed with a glas of champagne, then utilizes other liquids to quench her thirst. Denise joins in and both are having a toast with their pee, filling glas after glas with a brand that, for them, is the most sparkling of them all. Of course, they don’t want to stay dry and if you have seen volume 1 you know what to expect fron those two piss addicts. The next scene has Mary wet her underwear which she delightfully vacuum packs for subsequent enjoyment. Layla-Jade is taken by surprise to see her do this and wants to give it a try as well. But of course, there is nothing better than fresh from the source as both girls well know and show. Layla-Jade enjoys a super-hot golden shower, taking the stream all over her face, her hair and mouth. Mary’s boyfriend surprises the two and gets a taste of both Mary and Layla in stereo. The next scene has Denise, Mary and the two men in a piss orgy beyond words. Panty pissing, sniffing and sucking is the just a foretaste of things to come... in the truest sense of the word.