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Models: Mary, Denise, Layla Jade

If you liked Amy’s Pissing Phantasies, this title will leave you baffled. Mary, a genuine piss loving amateur who wrote in to show her pissy-passion on camera, gives her glorious debut. We promise her teaming up with hot English porn star Layla-Jade and lovely pissgirl Denise is wetter than anything you’ve seen before.Mary just loves piss, the feeling of letting go, the taste and the smell. And she loves to fondle and sniff urine soaked panties which she proudly demonstrates in the first scene with Layla-Jade. After pissing her Blue Jeans and watching Layla do her deed of course. Then, Mary wets her pink pants. Slowly she lets her urine flow which turns her on so much, she has seizures and can’t help but taste her salty liquid. When Layla-Jade and Denise catch her "in the act", the girls join the action and the most outragious pissing orgy starts. Panty pissing, mouth pissing and pee swallowing with three genuine piss fetishists and you’ll see their liquid lust drop by drop transpiring through your tv screen.