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Models: Amy, Benita

Amy's back, wilder and hornier than ever. With her camera, horny girls to fullfill her new fantasies, a bursting bladder and... for the first time in a Hightide Video, a handsome guy in no-holds barred pissing action. In her narration Amy will delightfully exlain to you the pleasure and feeling of swallowing pee, the difference from taking it straight from the source rather than in a glass and she is eager to show that she is not the kind of girl who only talks but acts.
A red-hot foursome pee orgy is the opener and will water your mouth when you see the girls opening up their floodgates and cannot get enough of the salty drink. Their hots bodies are soaked but it hardly cools them down. The next fantasy involves a doctor to whom Amy confesses her weak bladder problem. Of course, the examination ends in her having a wet accident which leads to the doctor asking for a different type of urine specimen from her. And Amy is happy to give and receive her cure. Amy personally films and directs a brunette beauty acting out her phantasie of watching her pussy in a mirror while squirting out her yellow honey which she delightfully tastes and plays with while masturbating with the mirror. A shy pizza delivery boy is taken over by the four girls and introduced in the art of watersports games. This episode will leave you breathless, one pissing scene follows the next, with four girls pissing, being pissed on, swallowing each others juices and craving for all the body fluids the pizza boy can offer.
This is a raunchy as it can get, and we all wonder how lovely Amy can ever top this last scene. A piss lovers delight, and I am sure Amy would have a toast on this... and once you've seen this 90 minute piss rollercoster ride you will agree and pour yourself a glass of Amy's favourite liquid.