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Models: Amy, Drew Berrymore, Violet Storm, Karin

Amy stands to be our favourite girl, a natural, wild beauty who enjoys every drop of the pee games she engages in. If you have seen CONFESSIONS or PEENUTS, you know what we are talking about. Her bladder never seems to stop, much to her joy and pleasure. One day, she approached us with the idea to turn some of her long time pee phantasies into a video, things she always wanted to try out but never could or dared. Her ideas were so wonderfully uninhibited, wild and playful and she so enthusiastic about the whole thing, we came up with an idea. Why not let her do the video herself, choose the clothing and have her directing all the scenes. Who would be better for this than Amy, it's her phantasies after all. Thus, AMY'S PISSING PHANTASIES was born, propably the first and only video series concieved and directed by a naughty girl. Working with her behind the camera is a much a joy as having her in front of it. Not only did she give our cameraman and editor close instructions of how she wanted her phantasies come to live, she even grabbed a camera on several scenes herself and made her first wet steps as a camerawoman, something she even wants to emphasis in future videos in the series. We incorporated some footage of her filming just because it was so much fun observing her doing it.
Three different types of women she always wanted to have sex with: A dominant fetish lady with big breasts and a special wet treatment for girls who "can't hold it". A shy, inexperienced schoolgirl type who never tried wet sex before. A famous pornstar she could piss and be pissed on. For the latter, Amy choose Dru Berrymore, one of her favourite adult entertainment stars who gleefully joined the trio and, as it turned out, is very much into golden, wet sex herself.
Of course, she joins the fun as well, and for the end Amy came-up with one of the wildest piss orgy ever put on film. Four desperate girls going for each others "champagne". Pee in glases, onto each other, the let their juices flow again and again. It's a surprise none of them drowned. Unique phantasies fullfilled, and this is just the beginning as she told us with a big smile!